Gym. watchOS.

I'm currently developing a watchOS application to track and monitor gym exercises.

Conceived to log physiotherapy exercises that were required post-thoracic surgery, it naturally transitioned to monitoring gym exercises.

It uses the gyroscope and accelerometer to determine when reps have been completed, and integrates with HealthKit to record energy burn and heart rate.


My dissertation project House had a strong emphesis on CPU efficiency and memory preservation. Profiling House runtimes showed consistent memory leaks of 48 bytes.

The source of the leaks was eventually traced back to BlueSocket, IBM's networking library. A fix was made and merged into the main branch.

This was my peak of Computer Science. I can attain no higher.


A small and simple static content generator with an extensible processing pipeline, a rudimentary run-time language to handle logical operations and in-document optionals and variable binding.

Warehouse was written long ago when I was a young and naïve programmer. Therefore, its pretty crap.

Warehouse generated this site.


I occasionally photograph things.